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We have over 40 years experience in shaft, screw(spindle), gear reducer, motor, actuator and controller in Taiwan enables us to provide excellent solution.Currently, we have three factories, one has 100 employees in Taichung, Taiwan, another has 250 employees in Guangdong, China and the other has 350 employees in Taicang, Jiangsu, China. All of our factories pass the ISO certification. Advanced production equipment, precise inspection equipment, trained employees and ISO QC processes to ensure quality products delivered.The total sales volume is around US$36,000,000 in 2009.

In the 20th century, mankind achieved impressive results in industrial development. However, excessive reliance onfossil fuels caused serious damage to the global environment,creating the greenhouse effect and causing a rapid transformation of climatic patterns. Average global surface temperature is forecast to rise by around 1.4°C to 5.8°C over the period from 1990 to 2100. Ocean levels will rise by 11 cm to 77 cm, and 18% to 35% of living species will be threatened with extinction. We want to protect the global environment by our state-of-the-art technology. We are engaged in solar tracking business since 2007.It is our pleasure to introduce a better solution in efficiency, economic and environment friendly for solar tracking system. Our Heartpower Solar Actuator(HSA), Heartpower Slewing Drive(HSD) and Heartpower Solar Controller(HSC) are best solution for solar tracker, high reliability and cost effective.Experiencing our technology and achieving "Grid Parity" wherever you are as early as possible. Let’s make something great to save the Earth!

A high school student asked his teacher, an eminent monk, "How to be successful?" in his high school commencement. "You must have enough power of heart." said his teacher distinctly. The student asked again, "How to get power of heart?" "You can chant The Heart Sutra or The Diamond Sutra or The Great Compassion Mantra earnestly and sincerely to get power of heart." answered his teacher. The student has chanted The Great Compassion Mantra earnestly and sincerely, after one month, he passed the College Entrance Examination and got into a satisfied university.His rank was 120th when graduated and became 15th in the senior high school in College Entrance Examination. It is a true story from our founder. That is why we name our company: Heartpower Technology Co., Ltd. No matter you are a Buddhist or not, we truly hope everyone has enough heartpower and to be successful.We believe in all of us could be successful via our technology and cooperation. As our slogan: We drive the world with whole heart!
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